Wife spanking spanked spank fundamentalist baptist

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I’m arguing its just sex that has been dressed down. He doesn’t have to sit and listen to the children of that person crying, “where’s our dad? when’s dad coming home? i want to see dad. Perhaps you are correct, cd, in that no one would ever be led astray by this kind of teaching. Clearly the dders do seem to take breaks. It was irresistible: the great jack hyles, the man of god, whose schools had dating rules so strict that you could earn a demerit by accidentally touching the end of a pencil held by someone of the opposite sex, was committing adultery. But every once in a while you stumble onto a website that is so totally bat crap crazy, so weird that before you have time to x-out your brain explodes. What that’s saying is trendy things, things that just pop on the scene and, “ooh, the new excit-” the truth is not new.

The christian wife-spanking movement [tw]The christian wife-spanking movement [tw] | mercy not sacrifice

Wife spanking spanked spank fundamentalist baptist

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They’re not photographing every meal, oh no. And yes, someone was hovering over you like a holy drone to make sure your letter was acceptable. Turns out nobody had the guts.

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