Virginity rates among students by major

Virginity lost, satisfaction gained?

Analysis, in which only 28% of young college women reported physiological satisfaction and 28% reported psychological satisfaction, compared with 81% and 67% of men, respectively. Blacks and other racial and ethnic minority groups (whom, regrettably, we were not able to examine in this analysis) have been entirely left out of prior studies on affect and first intercourse, or else included only as the smallest of subgroups. Check out what they have to say: Couldn’t find a virgin in the bunch.

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These stats may seem wild when you consider the hot-and-heavy hook-up scene at your own college, but it turns out experts have come across similar findings. In comparison to the impressive volume of scholarship on the intersection of gender and heterosexual debut, we know next to nothing about the intersection of race and affective experiences at first intercourse.