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I still contend the alligator in the first one looks like a creepy child molester. A giant miller high life truck was rolling down the street toward us with many people with cameras following in tow. Clearly all georgia fans are sophisticrats. My girlfriend tried her best to point it out the door, but she yakked all over the floorboard of the driver’s seat of my mom’s mercury mountaineer. Both megdal and emily bucha, another mom who gives advice to college students, think it should be up to the teachers to decide if they want to be armed.

All that and a bag of mail: vols peeing on gators edition - outkick the coverageTimeline of threats against grand strand, pee dee schools in wee - cbs46 news

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What happens when you spend spring break on campus?

The perfect capper to a torturous season. As one can clearly see the “offseason” is in full swing.