Son masturbates and has uti

5 most effective homeopathic remedies for uti treatment

My doctor told me that ihad infective. It started with a whitish fluid coming out of my dick and later i had pains anytime i urinate. Sir canthris 200 ki kirya nashak dawa bata dein. Suffering from uti feeling burning sensation. But again no use please help me. We tried 1 or 2 times to stop the medicine but the problem started again. It started 6 months after my marriage and still comes back sometimes after 6 months sometimes after 2 months.

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My pus cells were 15 but with treatments , it kept on increasing and is now 80. Either a white discharge or a yellow one jst take this pills for chlamydia and u will feel better forever. I am 58 years old lady i am suffering from e-coli.

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