Russia internet penetration

With 84 million users, russias internet penetration rate has nearly doubled in five years

Perhaps the most notable example is meduza. Ru have strongly pushed back against the amendments, calling the measures excessive and arguing that it may become impossible to provide their services under the new regulations. The new law will require aggregators with over one million daily users to prevent the dissemination on their platforms of terrorist content, pornography, cruelty, the disclosure of state secrets, and other content, facing fines if they do not comply. Despite the continued availability of some circumvention tools, all blocked resources have reported a significant reduction in traffic.

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June 2015-may 2016

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Freedom on the net

We provide you with detailed information about our corporate account. However, roscomsvododa succeeded in demonstrating to the ministry of telecommunications and mass communications that the article had not violated any law and the article remains available. This includes being able to stream music and films.