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Patient positioning during digital rectal examination of the prostate: preferences, tolerability, and results

The easiest for the examiner is to have the patient tuck the knees up to the chest, either in the dorsal lithotomy position or the lateral recumbent position. The steps of the male rectal exam, including preparation, positioning, neurologic assessment, external inspection and palpation, examination of the prostate and rectum, and evaluation of the stool, are detailed in this video. You can go back to your usual activities immediately after a dre. Indirect care is absolutely important because: (1) it is a graded p. Once the patient is ready, review any normal and abnormal findings with him and discuss the subsequent steps to be taken, if necessary.

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Introduction to the rectal exam

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Positioning of the patient in this procedure is very important. No special preparation is needed for a dre. When performing the rectal exam, the examiner should conceptualize the relevant anatomy.