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Also included are the laugh riot 10 year plan, Revolutionary spirit borne of intense erotic lesbian attachment and female solidarity. Are my favorites, you should check them out. Why, oh why must best of gay come as the densest essay of dry arty historical drama? surely. Made in 1997, it’s a metaphor for hong kong’s handover to china and an unforgettably poignant bad romance. Ron, an electrician, finds out he is hiv positive and ends up helping aids patients getting medication. Sweetly it shows the tentative coming together of two white, working-class schoolboys, jamie (glen berry) and ste (scott neal), whose wide-eyed romance, when it happens, turns out to be less complicated than the lives of some of the characters around them.

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A soft-hearted urban fantasy. Those characters include their eccentric teenage neighbour leah (tameka empson), who is obsessed with mama cass and plays her records loudly in the middle of the night.