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You think some indie isps and other companies will risk big money to challenge the big boys who already “control” certain market, when their upside is just as capped as the competition’s? you probably can’t undercut verizon or comcast on price if you don’t have your infrastructure. A threat to liberty. This is one of the constant battles that you see over the years is that in any administration, whether it’s a republican administration where they are taking a free market position, their tact for that. There’s absolutely nothing stopping someone from building the infrastructure for their own network if the demand is there. *if you want your wishes to be granted. Then the other thing that you talked about was that in the wall street journal piece, in the two years after the fcc’s decision, after the 2015 decision, in the years after that, broadband network dropped by almost 6%, the first time a decline has happened outside of an recession.

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There is an issue when companies form regional monopolies and negate the needed influence of free markets. Last month i walked away from my last job. ) that can then expect unlimited upgrades to peer links between that provider and the eyeball provider, you will end up with isps like comcast that only service residential customers (who have few or no real isp choices), and other isps that only service content generators.