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We sailed around together for days. Group gamers appeared to go out less, see fewer friends, have marital, family, work and financial difficulties and deprive themselves of necessary purchases to play, as observed in other addictions. Examining behavior related to mmorpg addiction allowed us to define a “gaming adult population at risk of addiction” with numerous implications for health and personal behavior, as observed during the preparation of this manuscript by billieux. Reddit and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. 5%) were the main attraction of this mmorpg according to their self-assessment, and not the role-play.

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The first part of the questionnaire, consisted of a 63-item self-administered list of questions assessing social and demographical data, the relationship between gaming and health, gaming and socio-professional consequences, and clinical criteria screening for ia and online game addiction. For “interaction with other gamers”; iii) for the question “how does playing make you feel?” gamers made a choice between 3 possibilities: “greater personal satisfaction”, “sense of power” and/or “sense of belonging to a group”; iv) for the question “since you started gaming, do you feel” gamers made a simple choice between 5 possibilities: happier, more irritable, more anxious, less calm or more sad; v) for the question “at what age did you start playing?” gamers gave an open ended answer and vi) for the question “what sort of effects do you feel gaming is having on your health?” participants gave an open ended answer that we subsequently reclassified into 5 categories (i) no effect, ii) physical effects such as visual or musculoskeletal disorders, iii) psychological effects such as nervousness, iv) fatigue or insomnia and v) both physical and psychological effects). The only first-person shooter on our list,

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