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What to do if your partner wants you to pee on them

To assume that a healthy urinary tract has absolutely no bacteria in it, given the abundance of microbes throughout our body. You have to wonder whether skateboarding’s debauched dude-centric culture can last forever, especially now that skateboarding is set to become an olympic event in 2020. But there are some who believe that drinking urine does has some bonus health benefits. Enter your details below for instant access.

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You better believe it’s teeming with microbial life by the time it finishes its journey to your toilet (or wherever you’re putting it). For example, peeing on jellyfish stings is counterproductive as the sodium in your piss can reactivate embedded nemocysts (the actual stingers) worsening the pain while the bacteria present in your urine are afforded a free trip into your bloodstream. 5 cups of urine at a time for up two to five hours.

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