Dermal penetration and systemic level

Establishing limits for dermal absorption of elemental impurities | pharmaceutical technology

The percentage of applied dose that penetrated through the skin to the receptor fluid was ~0. 36% of applied chlorpyrifos was permeated into lower layer of epidermis but still not absorbed into receptor fluid, which means that absorbed chlorpyrifos can induce dermal problems but not impact on systemic toxicity. When the exposure level is higher than aoel, the pesticide cannot be approved. Thus, developers of dermally delivered drugs are challenged to establish and define those limits.

Review of data on the dermal penetration of mineral oils and waxes used in cosmetic applications - sciencedirectComparison of international guidelines of dermal absorption tests used in pesticides exposure assessment for operators

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The largest organ in the body, the skin provides a formidable barrier to exogenous materials. In this case, the process should be performed by using an analysis method that passed an appropriate review test.