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The vixen is here to mix it up with dramatics, honey. ”there are a lot more photographs and videos that exist,” rumsfeld acknowledged in his testimony. And only removed after the wearer had spoken words, “i recant. This is general or nonspecific information-gathering, authorized by american military and civilian administrators to learn more of a shadowy empire of evildoers about whom americans know virtually nothing, in countries about which they are singularly ignorant: in principle, any information at all might be useful. Considered in this light, the photographs are us. Clothespins torture and humiliation of slave girl.

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For there can be no doubt that the photographs damage, as rumsfeld testified, ”the reputation of the honorable men and women of the armed forces who are courageously and responsibly and professionally defending our freedom across the globe. But the real push to limit the accessibility of the photographs will come from the continuing effort to protect the administration and cover up our misrule in iraq — to identify ”outrage” over the photographs with a campaign to undermine american military might and the purposes it currently serves. Unfortunately, as staff sgt.