Confess masturbation to a priest

Do catholics still have to report masturbation in confession? - straight dope message board

Year theology, i think masturbation is a kinda gray area. The secret of life is hidden in that intimate sharing. I was living that life alone, in secret, carefully separated from the real life that i was involved in and loving most hours of most days. In any case, it is an awesome and terrible burden for a priest to be our bridge to christ. Glass houses my friend, glass houses! my lasting impression is that you were all up to it, lived in denial and ran to confession. You think you’re way is better, you’re a snob.

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It is run by solid fuel & when the water gets extra hot you can hear it rumble. What soldier would try to fight an enemy horde alone, by himself? we men need to rally our brothers-in-arms for strength and support. You say that it is mock-worthy when i say that we live in a more civilized society today.

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